AMD new generation may be on the market much earlier than anticipated

A few days ago we reported about the Radeon RX 3060, 3070 RX and RX 3080, which allegedly will be released closer to the end of next year.

In particular, the model RX 3080, if you believe this data will be based on the GPU, Navi 10 and beat Radeon RX Vega 64, with a price of only $ 250. There will be approximately at the level of GeForce RTX 2070.

New data indicates that this video card can come out much earlier. A source says the third or even second quarter next year. However, he never calls a video card that is only speaking of the model on the GPU, Navi 10. When it says that the accelerator will be able to compete with RTX 2080!

Unfortunately, neither the price nor the source is not provided. If Navi really is making its debut in the spring or summer, it will be great. Moreover, if AMD can compete with a monster like RTX 2080.

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