AMD review the new generation of processors and screen possible to accurately manufacture 7 are

Revealed AMD during the Computex 2019 today announced the second generation of processors Ryzen 3000 possible core Zen 2, also made a card screen Radeon that comes core Navi and the accuracy of manufacturing of 7 nm.

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Seek AMD develop computer giant distinctive as the performance in the world, with processors and screen possible to accurately manufacture 7 nm and each of the architectural Zen 2 architectural Navi, that applies to this situation giant in 2021, it also comes with a support speed of 1.5 Exaflops, a massive increase from the current version which supports 143.5 Petaflops.

Processors Radeon Navi from AMD

Projections indicate that the next version of the PlayStation will come core Navi in the Realtek screen, architectural Zen 2 in the processor chip, it has used the AMD architecture GCN since 2012, where the company presented a lot of products that are based on this architecture.

And slip the first versions of the Realtek screen possible core Navi titled RX 5000, which comes to rival Nvidia RTX 2070 the performance characteristic level of the lower pricing, is scheduled to stop the RX Series 5000 in July, where she presented all of the Asus en un Acer details about the next versions of the devices that come core Navi and Zen 2.

The second generation of processors Ryzen core Zen 2

Featuring architecture Zen 2 update new in the design of the previous version of the architecture Zen, where the new architectural perform the best in the nuclei, unilateral, in the CPU Ryzen, also comes a new processor with double the cache, the drive performance is generally better on games.

From another side comes the processor chip is possible of 8 of the nuclei with a 16-thread architectural Zen 2 the total memory is the temporary storage of up to 36 MB RAM, which is divided to 32 MB in the L3 cache and also a 512KB L2 on each core, also supports the normative standards for PCIe 4.0 to double bandwidth in the processing unit.

And the AMD chip Ryzen 7 3700X with 8 kernels and 16-thread speeds of 3.6 GHz, up to 4.4 GHz with support, with a total cache memory of 36 MB, and the consumption power 65W, it also comes Ryzen 7 3800X same specifications almost with the speed of 3.9 GHz up to a speed of 4.5 GHz with the support, the total memory is run the timer with a capacity of 36 Mb.


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