AMD still popadaetsya innovations by Nvidia Radeon RX Vega Vega 36 and 32. If they come

Some time ago in the Network has information that AMD generation Navi will be released very soon.

Details can be read here. Briefly, the first GPU of this generation will come in best at the end of 2019, and top-end card may have to wait until 2021.

Since no new data that would refute this information has not been received, but not the fact that AMD still will not accelerate.

In General, previously it was thought that before the first Navi no new AMD card will not be released. Yes, we recently received RX 590, but what is it new?

However, perhaps the architecture of the Vega still find a way in the desktop segment beyond already existing maps. The source claims that we are waiting for a minimum of two video cards: Radeon RX Vega Vega 36 and 32. Numbers indicate the number of units CU, each of which contains 64 stream processors. This means that RX Vega 36 will receive 2304 stream processors, and Vega 32 — 2048. Interestingly, this is exactly the same as the RX the RX 580 and 570, respectively. And will remain 256-bit bus, and GDDR5 memory.

That is, the increase is primarily due to the new architecture, well, the frequency should be higher. How, is unclear, as supposedly AMD has not yet decided on the process: whether 12 nm, or 7 nm.

The source also claims that the new items will cost the same as current models, that is, in the area of 200-250 dollars. They definitely will be faster RX 580/570, but it is difficult to say how much.

Now more or less distinctly Polaris and Vega can not be compared. At first generation there is nothing bigger than Polaris 10/20/30 with 2304 stream processors, and the second table segment is nothing less Vega 10 3584 PP. Let’s hope that the growth of the innovations on current cards will amount to at least 20%.

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