AMD unveils processors Ryzen 3000 graphics and the long-awaited Navi

Began annual exhibition of computer technology Computex 2019 started immediately with heavy artillery. CEO of AMD Lisa su unveiled the third generation of processors Ryzen built on the world’s first 7-nm desktop architecture. The current flagship announced 12-core/24-thread model Ryzen 9 3900X cost $ 499. This stone needs to be direct competition 12-core i9 processor-9920X from Intel, which costs more than twice as expensive, about $ 1,200. Moreover, AMD reports that the rate of heat dissipation (TDP) of the new crystal is much lower than its competitor – 105 W vs 165 watts.

All today’s AMD Ryzen third generation based on the new chipset architecture Zen 2, on average, offering 15 percent better performance in all applications compared to previous-generation processors. Also among the advantages of Zen 2 there has been a significant increase in the volume cache of the third level, and a twofold improvement in performance of unit operations with real numbers (FPU). The stated frequency Ryzen 9 3900X amount to 3.8–4.6 GHz. the total volume of the cache memory of such a monster will be 70 MB, L3-cache has 64 MB. A compelling advantage over Core i9-9920X new Ryzen 9 3900X demonstrated in a Blender, showing a 16 percent better performance when rendering images.

Against Intel i9-9900K, AMD put the 8-core/16-thread model Ryzen 7 3800X cost 399 dollars. Operating at a frequency of 3.9 to 4.5 GHz, it is able to show the same level of performance, but for less money. The company added that in the game the gap in performance compared with the previous senior osmeterium, Ryzen 7 2700X, ranging from 11 to 34 percent.

If presented with the third top model Ryzen 7 3700X cost $ 329 compared with the Core i7-9700K, the advantage over the competitor in multithreaded performance will make up 28 percent. Thus, the typical heat dissipation Ryzen 7 3700X is 65 watts, while the Intel processors, which are compared belong to the 105-watt thermal package. In the test Cinebench R20 new AMD surpasses the previous flagship 2700X 15 percent in a single-threaded mode and 18 percent for multi-threaded.

Junior model to today’s line Ryzen 3000 is a 6-core/12-thread model Ryzen 3600 5 cost $ 199. Paying about $ 50 you can get Ryzen 5 3600X running on a slightly higher base and turbo frequencies.

All the models of the processors support PCI Express 4.0, which is 42 percent better memory compared to PCIe 3.0.

Announced today, the new items will go on sale July 7.

A new family of graphics cards Radeon RX 5000 on the basis of the Navi

Today AMD also announced a new lineup of graphics cards Radeon RX 5000 (Navi). By the way, the chip of this line will be used in a future console PlayStation 5 Sony.

Although initially it was assumed that AMD will use numeric indices from the three series (in the Network there were rumors), but in the end the company chose the name series Radeon RX 5000. The idea of the name in that it played up the theme of the 50th anniversary, that AMD is celebrating this year.

At the core of the Radeon RX 5000 is a new GPU architecture, dubbed Radeon DNA (RDNA), which represents a further development appeared seven years ago, Graphics Core Next (GCN).

Details on the event go has not yet started, but the architecture of the RDNA, apparently, offers a new design of base units of the GPU computing unit, resulting in improvements in efficiency and productivity in tact. In addition, AMD has implemented in the RDNA, a new multi-level cache hierarchy, which should reduce delays, increase throughput, and improve energy consumption. Optimized graphics pipeline RDNA enables the new GPUs to run at higher than before, clock frequency, and ultimately to provide a higher level of performance. In addition, compared to chips with GCN architecture Navi has more compact size of the semiconductor chip, but the manufacturer did not disclose the details how.

The total RDNA architecture provides greater performance and lower latency at the best cost. When compared with Vega architecture cards, AMD promises a 25 percent increase in relative productivity on the beat and a 50% increase in specific productivity per watt.

During the presentation it was announced that the first point of application of the new architecture RDNA series graphic cards Radeon RX 5000, which was the first released graphics cards called Radeon RX 5700. The basis of the entire series will be based on the Navi chips produced for 7-nm process technology at the facilities of TSMC.

It is noteworthy that the 5000 series Radeon RX will support PCI Express 4.0. AMD actively promotes the idea of upgrading to a new version of the interface with increased bandwidth, and the Radeon RX 5000 is a perfect fit with the company ecosystem along with processors Ryzen 3rd generation motherboards based on chipset X570.

In his speech, the head of AMD Lisa su briefly demonstrated the gaming graphics card on the chip Navi. Graphics card Radeon 5700 RX compared with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 in the benchmark in the game Strange Brigade. It turned out that the new AMD is roughly 10% faster than the competitor.

The Radeon RX 5700 should do in July. Unfortunately a more specific date has not been announced. However, AMD promises to tell you how about the features, performance and pricing for a special event Next Horizon Gaming, which will be held the exhibition E3 on June 10.

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