America begins a thorough investigation with Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon

Student committee of the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday to e-mail messages, internal information and detailed financial records of the company’s other senior executives in the Amazon, andFacebook, andApple, andGoogle.

Reuters reported that the messages – which must be answered by 14 October – is seeking a internal e-mail over the past decade of CEO of Apple (Tim Cook), and Amazon CEO (Jeff Bezos), the founder and CEO of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), the founder and CEO of the (Larry Page), and seeking other things, such as acquisitions.

Fallen Apple shares rose 1.8% after the market opened. Although Apple mentioned as a potential target of the investigations, has submitted a letter to council the first concrete evidence that the investigation on the anti-monopoly not only on Apple TV just.

And need Apple criticism that its policies, algorithms the App Store that supports its own products and on the application of the competition. Last Monday, the leaders of the prosecutor general of Texas, A group of 50 attorneys general of the states and territories of America in the investigation is whether Google used its market power in advertising.

Said the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (Gerold bartender) – he of the Democratic Party – which signed the letters to the side of the representative Republican of the high-level (Doug Collins), the actor (David Cecil workers): “there is increasing evidence that a few companies have got a large share of trade and communication via the internet”.

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Said Collins in a statement: “this information is important in helping to determine whether competitive behavior occurs, and whether the enforcement agencies the antitrust laws of our investigation in specific cases, and whether the antitrust laws we have need to be improved to enhance competition in the market, digital or not”.

Lawmakers to get the e-mail messages from senior executives on topics such as acquisitions, including the acquisition of Amazon on that we, and PillPack, and Eero, and the Ring, and Zappos, and Whole Foods; and the acquisitions Google AdMob, YouTube, Android and DoubleClick. Also seek information on various policies, including: Google’s decision to impose log in to the Chrome browser automatically for any user who wants to log in to any service of the services of the company.

The committee requested information from the executives of the companies information about the market share, and competitors, and their customers the greatest products, and of specific of other investigations. And asked the Apple information about the concerns about the Store App Store, such as the decision to remove some apps parental control, and in relation to whether users can iPhone set apps not belonging to the Apple TV as a default.

The committee seeks to obtain the private communications of possessing Facebook to WhatsApp, enter, and Onavo, in addition to its resolutions on the integration of Instagram and WhatsApp, and the elderly the.

Referred to the U.S. Department of justice had said in the month of July last: it check whether the company has Technical major in the areas of: search, social networking, and some retail services over the internet, is engaged in behavior non-competitive. Announced Google in late August that it had received a formal request to obtain documents from the Ministry of Justice.

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