America tightened restrictions on access Huawei to technology

He said officials familiar with the matter told Reuters: the management of Trump is scheduled to announce Monday that they will include restrictions on the company Huawei with a view to clamping down on access to the chip was commercially available.

It is assumed that the expanded procedures of the U.S. Department of commerce restrictions that have been announced in the month of May with a view to preventing China telecom giant to obtain a semiconductor without a special license, including computer chips manufactured by foreign companies that have been developed or produced using software or technology to us.

Sources said the administration will also add a 38 a subsidiary of Huawei in 21 countries to the black list of the government’s economic America, raising the total number to 152 subsidiary since the addition of Huawei for the first time in May 2019.

He said the minister of trade (Wilbur Ross) in a statement to Reuters: Business Huawei and its affiliates by third parties to harness American technology in a manner that says U.S. national security and foreign policy interests, adding, “this action multifaceted illustrates our continuing impeding the ability of Huawei to do so.”

With the deterioration of relations between the United States and China to their worst in decades, Pay Washington, governments around the world to put pressure on Huawei, arguing that they would contribute data to the Chinese government on charges of espionage, and Huawei as spying for China.

Sources said the new procedures, which are supposed to enter into force immediately, should prevent the attempts Huawei to connect on the export controls of America.

Explained an official of the Ministry of Commerce told Reuters that the actions means that we look to address the information ready that may seek Huawei to buy them from the companies design a third-party.

Noted official business separate to that the restrictions designed to ensure that items produced abroad to prevent the arrival of the Huawei to the chip covered by the material issued in the month of May, and to supervise us himself.

Sources said that there is a separate rule new rule provides that all companies listed in the black list of Economic will require a license when operating a company, such as Huawei, included in the list as a buyer or a sender of the broker or the sender of the final or end user.

Entities include Huawei additional 38 added to the Black List the units of the Huawei Cloud in Beijing, Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin and Mexico.

Adds Commerce Ministry separate headings for the four collection sites subsidiary of Huawei in the list of entities, so that no one moving items inadvertently to those sites.

The department also confirmed that it will not extend the general license provisional which ended on Friday, users of Huawei devices and providers of telecommunications services.

The parties must now submit license applications for transactions previously approved by the provisional license.

Sources said the Ministry of Commerce will adopt authorisation is always limited to entities Huawei to allow for research and security level necessary to maintain the safety and reliability of networks and equipment current.

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