America to ease restrictions on Huawei for 90 day

امريكا تخفف القيود على هواوي لمدة 90 يومAmerica to ease restrictions on Huawei for a period of 90 days.

America to ease restrictions on Huawei for a period of 90 days.

After 24 hours, terrifying, saw the decision of the Google company to stop licensing Android applications of the company of Huawei, and saw the angry statement from Huawei and the reaction prompt from the Chinese government , after these hours troubled there is finally some link to buy the Huawei .

According to the news received from behind the ocean, he was awarded the US Department of Commerce Huawei the 90-day period to provide support for mobile devices and components of the current network.


And issued the relevant section of the “license of temporary years” the company ” which is necessary for the maintenance and support of network equipment current, which is completely, including software updates and patches, according to contracts and agreements legally binding” ends on 19 August.

U.S. companies intersection Huawei

It is worth mentioning, that after the signing of the American President Donald Trump on an executive order to ban Huawei last week, the timing of the US technology companies such as Google and Qualcomm and Intel for work with the Chinese company over the past few days.

On the other side said the financial director of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, said that American politicians underestimate the strength of Huawei. He added that the extension is for 90 days no significant effect and that the company is prepared to face the ban.

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