American city again pay ransom to hackers

Agreed a small town in the state of Florida to pay the cyber criminals hundreds of thousands of dollars after that hampered the attacks of the ransom of the city system for two weeks.

Photos of City Council (Lake City Lake City), a small community with about 12 thousand people, during an emergency meeting on the payment of $ 462 thousand dollars cross-currency bitcoin.

This comes after the city council approved (Riviera Beach Riviera Beach), a community with a population of approximately 34 thousand people, in the last week to pay the cyber criminals for what its worth is 600 thousand dollars cross-currency bitcoin.

The value of the Ransom Center (Riviera Beach), approximately 12 times the value of the ransom the city of Atlanta, which refused to pay her last year, where the Prevention of the attack the staff of the municipality of the city of (Riviera Beach) have access to important files.

The Pirates ransom companies and regularly after finding gaps in their systems, often by sending e-mail attachments malware, encrypt vital data, and claim payment for decrypting those files.

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Experts say cyber security: such attacks occur daily, the local governments are at stake in the case was lacking the resources necessary to improve equipment, safety and protection of the backup data.

Advised Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after the payment to hackers, saying: there is no guarantee of Re data, and warns of the possibility of targeting victims again or asked to pay more money to decrypt the files, explaining that the defense promotes the occurrence of further attacks.

According to the spokesman of the city (Lake City Lake City), has signed a ransomware attack on 10 June, which led to the disruption of information technology systems throughout the city, including e-mail and landline phones.

And used hackers program (Ryuk ransomware) infect the computers of the country, and were able to encrypt different types of data, including permits for City emails and documents payroll historical data.

He said city officials at the outset: they’re on their way to restore the systems of the municipality, said the city’s Police Department two days after the attack: the efforts of the data recovery was successful until now, but reports indicated that the city faced problems in the restoration of many of the systems that are hit by the attack.

Said Joe here Joe Helfenberger, director of the city in a statement: if successful, this process will provide the city time and money, said Mike Lee Mike Lee, a spokesman for the city (Lake City Lake City): recommended insurance company in the city and the staff of the information technology for the city council to allow the payment of ransom.

Expert advises security companies, governments make a backup routine for important data and to correct weaknesses in information technology systems for protection from the attacks of the ransom.

Little do the police know the Norwegian aluminium and renewable energy (Norsk Hydro) in the earlier attack ransom, but decided not to pay hackers, however, have amounted to the cost of recovery from attack $ 57 million.

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