American drunk not drinking alcohol. How is this possible?

The manufacturing of beer is extremely time-consuming and lengthy process. To get a few bottles of this intoxicating drink that requires a few gallons of water, special grain and, most importantly, a few weeks for fermentation. However, inside the human body, all these processes can occur much faster. Recently the doctors have seen of the U.S. state of North Carolina, approached a 46-year-old man with signs of intoxication. According to him, he often was in intoxicated condition even when not drank any alcohol, so I lost my job and gained problems with the law. It turned out that due to a rare disease beer wandered right in the gut.

The human body is capable of producing alcohol

According to Medical Daily, the problems with spontaneous intoxication began among men in 2011. Then he’s got a severe hand injury in the course of treatment the doctor prescribed him a course of antibiotics. After a few tens of days the patient began to notice a loss of concentration and frequent mood swings, and it lasted until a visit to a psychiatrist in 2014. On drink a course of antidepressants, a man is freed from the depressed mood, but problems continued to follow in his footsteps.

Why do people get drunk?

The patient said that one morning he was driving in the car and felt confusion and nausea. He was stopped by police and suspected of drunk driving. The breathalyzer showed a really high level of alcohol in his blood, so in ailments of men was not surprising. After the police did not believe that he had not consumed any alcohol, the man decided to go to the hospital.

In most Beers the alcohol content is around 3-5,5 %

After hearing the patient, the doctor suggested he undergo a so-called carbohydrate test. He was asked to eat 50 milligrams of food with a high content of carbohydrates and measured the level of alcohol in his blood. It turned out that the intoxication of men’s going on in the use of food — carbohydrates in the intestine interact with brewer’s yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is produced alcohol. He later gets into human blood, which is enough for intoxication.

Did you know that Russia is working on a bespohmelnaya beer with vitamins?

Side effects of antibiotics

The reason for high concentration of brewer’s yeast in the male body doctor considered the effects of antibiotics. Written in 2011 of the medication is strongly influenced by the microbiome of the intestine of the patient, and increased the number of fungi. In medicine this disease is known as the syndrome of “avtobrozheniya” and is extremely rare. According to Dr. Fahad Malik, this is the first case when the syndrome has arisen because of the use of antibiotics.

By the way, some popular antibiotics can trigger heart disease

Now it is believed that the carbohydrate test needs to give every patient who complains of sudden bouts of intoxication. If this problem is ignored, many people may lose their jobs, and even become perpetrators of car accidents. The fact that people with the syndrome “avtobrozheniya” sometimes do not understand that they are drunk. But in this condition they may well sit behind the wheel of a car and shoot people.

Because of daily alcohol kills more than 3 million people

As for 46-year-old man, he now lives a normal life and tries to adhere to proper nutrition. He also from time to time checks with the help of a breathalyzer. So, just in case.

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