American official: licenses to companies that want to deal with Huawei will soon

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مسئول أمريكي: تراخيص الشركات التي ترغب في التعامل مع هواوي ستصدر قريبًاAmerican official: licenses to companies that want to deal with Huawei will be released soon

In the month of last May, the U.S. Commerce Department added the Chinese company Huawei to the list of entities prohibited to handle on the scope of U.S. companies, due to suspicions about the police spy for the Chinese government,

Since that time we have heard about the possible solutions to this problem, having deprived the black list of US companies from trading of hardware and software with Huawei resulted in significant losses to both sides.

In July, the US Commerce Department announced its plans to begin issuing special licenses to domestic technology companies that want to maintain their trade relations with Huawei, where they will change this licensing only the components widely available and does not constitute a threat to national security and it became clear that there is strong interest in offering more than 130 U.S. company to apply for certification .

Google Inc the U.S. was at the head of these companies, after being denied the Huawei version of its main applications from the phone by the current dead 30, the identity of their future if the boycott continued.

But it seems to solve the problem, Huawei has proposed

In a new development, the minister of Commerce and American Wilbur Ross to the number of applications doubled now to 260 and that the licenses will be issued”very soon”.

During an interview with Bloomberg , stated Ross, that the applications already under review, but he stated that he should not expect all the companies the green light, but he came back and confirmed that the thing is safe for these companies is the presumption of a refusal to license, although we’ll agree on quite a few of them.

Finally, although there is no specific time frame of time in which the implementation of these licenses, however, this is certainly a positive development in the saga of the isolation of Huawei from the U.S. market.

Approached the United States from the expansion to the first phase of the trade agreement with China by the end of this month, if all goes accordingly, we may see the series Huawei phones of the future with a package of Google applications.

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