AMOLED and PenTile is a pain

I am not a fan of Samsung products, but quite respectful of the brand. The Samsung has a great SSD, the company released at the time and quite a great breakthrough Galaxy S8. But not the flagship Samsung still leave much to be desired.

Frankly, in the hands of the until recently, the Galaxy A6, A6+ and A8 didn’t hold — and especially desires was not. After some time of use I realized one thing — coupled with PenTile AMOLED ruining vision. Going with the iPhone 6, which has a balanced IPS display, the Galaxy A6, I was horrified by what I see. The picture floats completely, all of the fonts blurry, eyes immediately felt uncomfortable, I really don’t know how to use a Galaxy A6 in everyday life. He simply unusable. Even the screen of Galaxy S first generation caused such unpleasant emotions. Yes, the color reproduction is excellent, the colors are juicy and saturated, but thinking about it go by the wayside when the eyes begin to experience discomfort.

All anything, but the A6+ is slightly better. Yes, there is a FHD resolution, but for 6 inches it is simply not enough. PenTile is striking, but because of the pulse-width modulation they immediately begin to experience discomfort. Well, you say that it would be better to look at the more expensive Galaxy A8, but here you’re wrong. The device is quite compact and has a diagonal of 5.6 inches, so there PenTile is not so much, but still eyes experience some discomfort after 10-15 seconds of use.

You may think that it is the fault of the AMOLED, but it’s not because of the screen of the Galaxy S9 no discomfort does not occur. One gets the impression that budgetcar to 30 thousand rubles Samsung uses a very cheap and unpleasant to use displays. Coming from the Samsung store and looking once again on the old iPhone 6 with HD-resolution, I angrily realized how displays of smartphones A-series from Samsung is inferior to the old iPhone display.

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