Among the future AMD will be Ryzen OCTA core model with heating package 45 W

The second generation AMD Ryzen now consists of only four models. No top 7 2800 Ryzen, Ryzen 3 or younger. There are hybrid processors 2000 series, but they formally belong to the first generation.

Not so long ago the network appeared the news about several future CPU, and today it added a new piece of data. Start with the older information. If you believe her, then soon we are waiting for the announcement of processors 3 2100 Ryzen, Ryzen Ryzen 2300X 3 and 5 2500X. Details about no, but just to say that Ryzen Ryzen 2300X 3 and 5 2500X will be Quad-core. And that’s about Ryzen 3 2100 source claimed that he would get only two cores, then there will be the first budget CPU Ryzen.

The new data is more reliable as the source is ASRock. As is often the case, information about unannounced processors appeared in one of the specs of the motherboard.

So, the novelties are called Ryzen Ryzen 7 and 5 2700E 2600E. It will be the first energy-efficient desktop models Ryzen. Their TDP is only 45W, and this despite the fact that the first will retain eight cores, and the second — six.

It is also known that the base frequency Ryzen 7 2700E will be 2.8 GHz, and Ryzen 5 2600E — 3.1 GHz. Boost-frequencies remain unknown. In General, the modern eight-core AMD CPU with a TDP of 45 watts… personally, I’m interested. It is particularly interesting to compare with some FX-8350 with three times a large TDP.

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