An anonymous organization will donate 75 million for the development of cryptocurrency

An anonymous organization called the “Unknown Foundation” plans to issue $ 75 million in Bitcoin start-UPS, focused on anonymity and protection of personal data. So they want to make crypto currencies less vulnerable.

In a press release dated November 13, the organization, consisting of “ordinary, anonymous people from different countries”, has said it will donate money to projects that support the idea of anonymity. This includes startups working in the areas of privacy tools anonymity of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

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Behind the mask of justice

The idea of donations is in the fight against the manipulation of people by politicians, social networking and other institutions that collect personal data of people. According to representatives of the Unknown Fund, means of collecting personal data are “surprising and at the same time frightening tools” of the modern world.

The project goes back to an anonymous 4chan English-language resource. There is information that he enjoys the support of a group of hackers, Anonymous.

Now the main goal of large corporations is to collect as much information as possible about the personal life of people, and then use it for their own enrichment. And they do an excellent job with this, making their customers poorer. We are ready to fight for change and to protect people.

Unknown representatives of the Fund claim that the introduction of blockchain technology and digital currency can help to protect the rights and freedoms of the people and ultimately to create entirely new ecosystem with a reliable monetary system.

Member of the Board of Directors of the NYU Blockchain Timothy Paolini is also in favour of providing anonymity by using the blockchain.

The blockchain is built on the principles of decentralization, eliminating a single point of control and removing unnecessary third parties by creating a peer-to-peer network. It also provides privacy and control your data from third party applications because the data is stored in the Protocol, and not at the level of centralized software solutions.

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But associate Professor school of Information Berkeley, University of California Deirdre Mulligan argues that blackany do not protect personal data, as they can manipulate their creators.

Companies can realize greater control over how they design applications using its architecture, the default settings are that they are misleading in their privacy policies and what they do in practice. The value for the consumer who care about their privacy will depend on the application of the blockchain and kind of collected and processed data.

What do you think about this? Whether anonymous cryptocurrency to fix the current situation, or humanity will not be able to escape from the control of corporations? Share your opinion in our cryptodata millionaires. You can anonymously.


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