An error message appear for users of YouTube and match their support to watch the video

رسالة خطأ تظهر لمستخدمي يوتيوب تطالبهم بالدفع لمشاهدة الفيديو

The site showed Variety a model from an error message faced many of the product users world YouTube today, Monday, at about two in the afternoon local time on the east coast of the United States and about eight in the evening KSA.

Showed the message notification contains “this video requires payment to watch”, when the user opens one of the videos of the council and which does not require the origin of any kind of contributions to the state, and at other times a message appears saying “We are having trouble with the online servers, please try later”.

And need YouTube this is a new problem in the wake of the mistake hit the region earlier this month led to stop the operation of the site for the former when the number of users, forcing Google to apologize for the interruption is sudden to serve at a later time and provide a week free to those affected.

And across a number of users voiced discontent of the problem via their accounts on Twitter with a reference to the account of the official for the world; which tweeted its role for the independence of notifications of similar users and they are doing investigations about the cause of the problem, and praising patiently users at the present time.

To 4 hours after the problem is fixed; the return set the record straight. natural tweets calculated the official grateful users the reports they have submitted about this back.

The error message Show YouTube users demanding that they pay to watch the video appeared first on the tech world.

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