An experimental drug helped to cope with baldness and development of gray hair

By and large, criteria such as gray hair and hair loss in most cases have no problems other than purely aesthetic. However, many people are trying by all means to avoid these changes, masking and delaying the inevitable. According to the article, published in the journal Scientific Reports, a team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University have developed a drug that can fight gray hair and hair loss. While it has some beneficial properties to maintain not only beauty but also health.

Responsible for the development of a group of researchers led by Professor Subroto Chatterji. The discovery was made in a time when the team studied mice prone to develop atherosclerosis, inflammation and hair loss the consumption of fatty foods. Experts have created a drug with the working title D-PDMP. It affects the synthesis of glycosphingolipids is a high molecular compound included in the composition of cell membranes and affect the condition of the skin and of the elements of the epidermis.

During laboratory tests, scientists tested the drug on 2 groups of mice. The first was on a diet high in fat from what they have a vascular plaques and skin tissues from all rodents develop chronic inflammation leading to graying and hair loss. The second group had a congenital predisposition to develop atherosclerosis, and only proper nutrition, but by the age of 36 weeks at 75% of the rodents from this group developed the same symptoms that those who ate “wrong”.

The use of the drug D-PDMP showed that on average, 70% of all animal inflammation, baldness and the appearance of gray hair stopped and then reversed. Moreover, at the micro level in the cells of the skin revealed a decrease in neutrophils – immune cells responsible for inflammation. It was also noted that the amount of lipids, ceramides and collagen back to normal. And the content of these substances is essential to maintain elasticity, smooth skin and protect it from external influences.

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