An important feature of Android has been outlawed

The function of tracking the underlying basis of many products of Google and Android in particular, contrary to European legislation on personal data. This drew the attention of the user group of Norway, which filed a complaint with the local office of consumer protection. According to them, track the users using the proprietary services, the search giant violated their privacy and right to freedom of movement.

“[Android users] missing a real opportunity to disable “location History” — the content of the complaint. Users can only pause it if you have a Google account. But then they will get an abstract warning that the limit [function, tracking their location] will lead to disruption of other functions of the Android OS”.

Google is watching you

But forcing users to play by the rules, Google acts contrary to directly with the weight of normative-legal acts. In fact, the search giant gives them no choice, pointing to the only correct option settings location data. Thus the company not only contrary to the GDPR (the European regulation on data protection), but also the law on protection of consumer rights, because, in essence, imposes on them additional services to provide access to its other services.

If the actions of Google will receive a negative assessment in Norway, the company can be serious problems and in the rest of Europe. For example, recently the search giant has answered before the law for imposing their applications to manufacturers of smartphones, paying for the violation of the law $ 5 billion. In addition, the event resulted in the revision of the model of propagation of a brand ON Google, which was paid to all vendors without exception.

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