An important innovation from Google. Mobile search for Android has become even easier

Last week, Google promised to remove a useful function from the Calendar. We are talking about SMS notifications that warned in advance about upcoming events. In early January, this feature will disappear, but instead in the role of reminders will be performing system notifications to your smartphone or email. The company has continued on a course of simplification — now changes have been made to mobile search.

Google search has many built-in tools. It has a calculator, currency Converter, online time and more. Therefore, when a user entered in the search for a mathematical example, he received a ready answer from Google and a list of sites. The same applies to the query “Paris”. The top of the page shows the answer, and under it there are the right resources.

Now the results for these queries will change, according to 9to5google. The system will show only the answer, and sites will hide. Anyone can see them after pressing the appropriate button.

It will look like this.

The company representatives have already confirmed that the update started to spread around the world. In the near future the feature will reach all mobile devices. The results will be hidden when you are sure the system is that the user will enough for a quick response.

Sense of innovations — to facilitate interaction devices. They will instantly obtain the required information. Distracted by the additional text is not necessary.

Recall, the company is constantly working on improving the user experience. In mid-January, Google was pleased with an update of corporate apps. For example, the Phone has got the dark theme and the web version of the Photo began to conform to the norms of Material Theme. Now the white interface and icons — new.

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