An important role for Apple in the surgery of the future

دور مهم لساعة أبل في جراحات المستقبل

Think the Apple Watch the smart one of the most smart watches selling has achieved through the year 2017 just what is approaching 17 million pieces, after that Apple announced recently about the new generation of the Apple Watch smart which was fitted for the first time a device layout to the holder of the approval from the administration U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which confirms the effectiveness of the technique used as a company Apple American.

Now there’s a new study opens new horizons, according to the haven’t announced a new partnership between Apple company the industry giant prosthetic devices “Zimmer Biomet” we’re talking about from the application of a new passport depends on the technologies already available in the Apple Watch Smart such as measuring the number of heart beat and the steps and time spent per day in the case of stand and other information that you provide to the medical team therapist for the first time, accurate information and electronic full of patients waiting to undergo one more surgery prevalent in the United States of America, namely, the change in hip and knee joint.

Think of the new study on the application named “mymobility” is installed on the sides of the Apple ” iPhone” the app is connected to the hour smart worn by the patient permanently, for in the words of Jeff Williams director, Office of operations, the company Apple ” we as a company are extremely proud of our participation in the empowerment of patients surgery of the hip and knee joint replacement from sharing their personal information about their health status with their doctors easily so they are involved in their treatment like never before possible through traditional methods, this solution provides a good balance between the patient and the doctor before and after surgery”.

And contracted with approximately 10,000 patients in four medical centres and they are the American Emory University and the University of Pennsylvania in addition to a number of hospitals, surgical centers there are more than million cases of surgery in hip and knee joint within the United States per year thanks to this study it is expected that the recovery period and increase the success rate of such surgeries.

It is worth mentioning that the participation of Apple in the medical field are increasing significantly in the recent period, especially in the area of providing information treatment of this is thanks to the technologies used in their products smart.

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