An initial look at the Twttr version checksum of the new Twitter

Yesterday, Twitter launched version of the tests, the advantages of the new application of Twitter (Twttr) which aims to provide a space pilot, more to test the new updates and get the opinions of the testers. And apparently, this version differs from the current version submitted by the company Twitter in the month of January last. Although both versions share some features, but there are many modifications relating to the form of peace talks.

The focus of this version is mainly about conversations and replies and the method of its presentation, where the aim is to make long conversations easier to read. However, police said they most likely will test new ideas within this app in the future, and even to the features that are currently tested may be changed according to the comments of users.

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This app displays the Coordination of the different responses, which are coded by color to distinguish the responses from Twitter original or responses of users you follow on Twitter, this is intended to provide visual signals best for readers who are trying to follow the threads long.

You can see The Shape of version checksum of the new Twitter in the pictures below:

And apparently, the Twitter provides a field dedicated testers in the menu within this version to add their views and their reactions to new features.

In the original version, showing the conversations with the usual, there is a gray line connecting the responses of the users. But in the version of the test, the responses appear differently and curvature of the style box, the chat round.

According to the press, will be to distinguish the responses of people who have them prominently at the top of Twitter long with a line of bright blue next to their name on the left side of Twitter, Twitter says that the way they are arranged, people will be dedicated to the user himself.

In the original version, is to distinguish the tweets of the original with the mark “Original Tweet”, while they are distinguished in the version of the checksum by a colored line next to the name of the user. Certainly, this is a more accurate way to highlight tweets and replies important in the conversations of Twitter.

There is also another thing that you’ll notice when scrolling through the conversations on Twttr, which is that the interactions hidden within tweets, meaning that you won’t see the button Re-Tweet or LIKE button or the reply button outside of Twitter, you will need to click on the tweet itself, in case you want to interact with them.

There is also another change in the talks, is that some of the replies will be hidden by default when reading strings Twitter long on Twitter. So, will the user click on “show more” if he wants to read all of the responses associated with tweeted.

Besides these internal changes, there are also external change, exemplified in the icon of Twitter itself! Yes, it has been to change the Twitter icon with this version of the checksum. In the original version, show the Twitter icon on the form of a bird, White in a blue box. In this version, the checksum, the box appears blue empty without the bird.

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