An inside job.. to steal data “technique self-driving” from the Apple

The detection report on the display data Autonomous driving technology that you’re working on the Apple market, through one of its employees, such as leave work for the company directly.

The report stated that Jiang Shang stole the private data of the report of self-command that you’re working on Apple after working at the company last April after working on the draft of the self-driving speed at the barrage, where the go to company electric cars Chinese Xpeng Motors. According to judicial documents, the fine is accused by 40 GB of the property of the Apple on the laptop with his wife before leaving the company, charged the company Xpeng Motors that moved them to do any wrong.

The company said the Chinese in the light of the accused employee have a She’s surprised it they conducted an investigation with the use specialists to be reached to stop Shang from work, all this barrage of silent fully where you didn’t know it until now.

According to a lot of the report, Apple is already currently developing the technology leadership of its own, where the company prefers to retain the details and ambitions so special as a secret until the time nobody knows when it comes. According to a report from Bloomberg in January, the company has registered 27 cars to test the techniques of self-driving through them in the state of California, USA. Apple CEO Tim Cook also admitted last year that the company is working on techniques to focus leadership self-see also reports that Apple has retreated from the manufacture of Cars private.

Comes incident to arrest Shang after months of tension between China and the United States of America in the world of technical. And China’s greater cooperation between American companies and Chinese companies, and is rejected by the United States for fear of technology transfer to China -or what is known as technology transfer or Technology Transfer – that will be able to give them in the future and their competition in all markets. And the United States on Chinese companies lately, and maybe this new ruling is one of the steps of the Chinese to get the technology in her own way.

After working at Apple since 2015 on the project the Autonomous driving technology company, Apple, left Changi in April to China after obtaining parental leave, to the company at the thirtieth of April that he decided to resign to settle down with his family in China and have Xpeng Motors as claimed. During an internal examination discovered Apple stole Shang many of your company’s data before departure to parental leave to take the necessary legal procedures directly.

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