An internal memorandum to Facebook to reveal that the company encourages ” fraud friendly “

Facebook company

In-app purchases are a way to enable developers to make more money from their apps. This is why the use of this concept extensively in the games, despite the fact that Apple and Google have run into a problem in the past when the children were spending thousands of dollars in purchases inside apps, not to take any action on what seems to prevent it.

Since then, both Apple and Google have launched ways to alleviate this problem, but it seems that Facebook encourages such ” problems “. According to the report of RevealNews for the contents of an internal memorandum must be that Facebook encourages developers to commit what they call a ” fraud friendly “.

Include the contents of the internal memo that Facebook is telling developers that they should allow children to spend money without the permission of their parents. This in turn will allow them to increase their earnings. And the internal memo also noted that Facebook know that some children were spending money without their knowing it. This was not accepted by some employees of Facebook who is connected to the counter-measures to prevent children from spending money without their knowledge, but apparently rejected those ideas.

Responded Facebook since then on this article made a statement saying : ” We are aware of our practices routinely, and in 2016 we agreed to update our Terms and the provision of resources to special requests for the recovery of funds related to purchases made by minors on Facebook. “

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