An international study that included Egypt: a college education is bad and the future for remote

Poll institution many ventures, emerging education remotely via the Internet, based in London, United Kingdom, the views of the students and faculty of universities and human resource managers in major companies in the process of university education and the extent of its usefulness for the labour market, and in the search by company Ipsos, a global specialist in research and opinion polls.

Conducted Ipsos interviews with 5600 students in the area of emerging markets, which include markets of Egypt, Nigeria, the Philippines, India, China and Pakistan, also conducted interviews with 120 members of the University 30 Director of human resource managers in major companies.

He said 91% of the participants in the study that their motivation to attend University is to secure jobs, and it is the starting point in the way of the success of their mission, however, did not agree, only 33% of the members of the University in that the primary goal of university education lies in the preparation of the students and prepare them for the job market.

Approved 87% of human resources officials companies, a widening gap between what employers are looking for and what students can to report him after their graduation from the University, asserting that their companies have had to invest in training recent graduates to a larger extent than they did 5 years ago.

Given the high expectations and sacrifices of the past associated with higher education, bridging that gap is critical. I’ve made “moon reflected” MOOCs (courses open online), and other providers to provide alternative education made considerable progress supported by the testimony of the innovative signalling that it has begun to bridge that gap. In contrast, it has created most of the universities copies of ebooks of programs of study to study via the internet, does not determine a real change in the way of creating the situation better for the job market.

In the light of those facts, how likely is it to solve alternative education someday replace a college education? The online education has the potential to address some of the concerns related to the return on investment and affordability, it also gives the students more flexibility, which allows them the opportunity to work while you study – but is that enough to bridge the gap? Is it now up to the students to find a way to bridge that gap themselves?

From his side, even if tarzi, a leading business bank with ten years of experience in the field of digital industry and the Managing Partner “many ventures”, saying: “there is a clear contradiction between the basic concept of the seller and the primary buyer in the education sector. If we rely on concepts and other sectors as in banking or telecommunications, we can conclude that the stress levels present will inevitably lead to market turmoil. The organization of higher education the world the beginning of the developed markets down emerging markets, in its current form, is able to reach stability and sustainability”.

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