An Irish student has created a tool for purification of water from the plastic

Who do you think makes today the most important scientific discoveries? Some people believe that these are gray-haired scientists in white coats — in most cases it is, but don’t forget about the young scientists. For example, American students have invented a way of protecting astronauts from cosmic radiation. Young geniuses there are in Ireland — one of them is 18-year-old Fionn Ferreira, who recently received a Google award in the amount of $ 50,000. He invented extremely necessary for mankind is a liquid that is able to clean the oceans of our planet from tiny particles of plastic. Perhaps the opening of this guy will save us from one of the possible variations over the world.

Microscopic particles of plastic get into our body even in drinking water

In the world ocean is really a lot of microscopic particles of plastic. They fall in the water our fault, because mankind still has not abandoned plastic bags and plastic bottles. Not only that, we start to use safer materials, and irresponsibly leave plastic debris in the woods where they can lay hundreds of years and literally poison our planet. Plastic contains even in our clothes when the washing machine finished, they wash away the tiny particles of the polyester and other components of the artificial tissue into the gutter, where microplastics ends up in the oceans and pollute them.

The harm dirty water

Polluted water, in turn causing irreparable damage to fish and other water inhabitants. For example, in the article about the case of the snow with a piece of plastic in the Arctic, we mentioned that in the stomachs of some animals environmentalists find pounds of plastic. The microplastics contained even in our blood, because of the tiny size of plastic particles allows them to penetrate deep into our body. If the human organism is too greatly clogged with plastic, it can cause heart problems or even deform light.

Almost all of us drink dirty water

A new tool for water purification

Perhaps from global pollution with plastic waste, we will save the liquid, which is an Irish boy named Fionn Ferreira. This young scientist actively engaged in science competition Google Science Award among researchers in age from 13 to 18 years. For his work he has received 12 awards and continues to amaze the scientific community. The idea of creating clean water from micro-plastic fluid came to him while sailing in a kayak.

At 18 years old Fionn Ferreira has already made several scientific discoveries

During one of the heats Fionn found in water covered with a layer of oil stone, which stuck a bunch of small plastic debris. The guy quickly realized that the plastic and oily substances like oil can stick to each other. Realizing this, the young scientist has created a oily liquid of vegetable oil and mixed it with ferrofluid — liquid substance that is attracted to the magnet.

By the way, of ferrofluid it is possible to create beautiful sculptures.

By his idea, the guy started to test it. Adding the mixture into contaminated with microscopic plastic particles in the water he was lowered into the tank the magnet and pulled it out. As expected, the microplastics stuck to the oily liquid, and magnetic property of ferrofluid allowed to remove all dirt. In the end, the water was clean.

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Conducted the experiment several times, the guy calculated that the fluid removes 88% of the water contained in the plastic waste. Contained in synthetic clothes, polyester, spandex and lycra are cleaned easily. But contained in plastic bottles polypropylene sometimes oily liquid does not stick. But the fact remains — created by student liquid is really effective in cleaning contaminated plastic water.

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