An Israeli company has developed a tool to steal data of users of iCloud and Google

The Israeli police NSO Group behind the hack into WhatsApp by several weeks by planting malicious code via the voice call, the development of a new tool called not stealing user data in the services Apple iCloud, Google in addition to Facebook and Amazon and Microsoft.

According to the Financial Times, the new tool collects a large set of data stored on the services, the calculation of Apple and Google, Microsoft and Amazon, and others, such as the full record of the data of the location of the user or archived messages and pictures.

To get this information, is install the software on the devices targeted, and work to get the login data for various services such as iCloud and Google and others, then use server separate to simulate the telephone target, including its geographical location to sync all your data including messages and photos, and transfer them to the company’s servers.

The report indicates further that the number of persons who might be sensitive to their cloud may be targeted by this new tool is not yet known, although it seems that the company has provided this service to the government of Uganda, where the company is working with governments to install the spy software.

Source: Financial Times

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