Analyst at Pantera Capital: after the arrival of the bulls, the stock market will increase 10 times

During the next bull market capitalization of cryptocurrencies will grow at least 10 times or 1,000 percent above the current estimate. This was stated by analyst cryptocurrency Fund Pantera Capital Joey Circle. This implies that during the next rally the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies to exceed $ 2 trillion.

If you look closely at the condition of the market, you will realize that during the next arrival of the bulls he will grow to more than 10 times compared with current values.

Now the market is waiting for a specific signal for the arrival of the bulls, believes the Circle. This is evidenced by speculation. They emerged after a large investment Fund Fidelity Investments, and the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) announced the release to market digital assets.

When you grow up the stock market

However, the arrival of the bulls, you need to meet several conditions, said an analyst at Pantera Capital. First, market participants are waiting for credible evidence that the network of the largest coins scalable enough for new players.

Many people compare crypto-currencies with the Internet. They claim — you simply create the application and then solve the problem of scalability. But this is not so: if the network of the coin has a lack of scalability, the token will not be liquidity.

According to Joey, the market has already reached bottom. He will remain in a confined channel until the emergence of new catalysts.

In the case of the Bitcoin network do scales. Last week it was reported that the network bandwidth Lightning network, which is designed to solve scalability, rose to a record 100 bitcoins. Now the network has thousands of 3.35 units and 12 thousand channels. For the last 30 days, the number of nodes increased by 11 percent, and the channel capacity by 4 percent.

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