Analyst: Bitcoin has already found its bottom. To halving — only growth

Cryptocurrency is a young industry with unpredictable market and total independence from the traditional financial assets. It would seem that to determine the exact price movement of Bitcoin virtually impossible. However, some analysts have their opinion on this matter. Recently, one of them noticed a huge number of similar facts between the bearish market in 2015 and today’s the day.

Halving, bullrun and everything connected with it

We will remind, cuts reward per block of Bitcoin is considered to be one of the keys to its explosive growth in the future. A sharp reduction in the supply of the asset should increase the demand for it. This also sure the trader under the name Filb Filb. Recently he noticed some interesting patterns through which the market was held in the year 2015.

According to the analyst, Bitcoin has already passed through its bottom, testing the level of 3150 dollars in mid-December. Then, the cryptocurrency fell below the key moving average. It is noteworthy that the same feature was accompanied by the formation of the bottom of the market in 2015 — a half years to halinga.

If history goes in a circle, starting from 18 February, the Bitcoin will finally begin to grow. To the date of halinga in may 2020 it should reach at least $ 10,000.

Other cryptomnesia supported the point of view Filb Filb. Trader under the name bag of XMR pointed to divergence moving average lines, the overall structure of the market and ratio of buyers/sellers in the auction. All these factors could not be better expressed prospects of Bitcoin to increase.

However, there were also those who saw in the suggestions a bearish Outlook. Trader Murad Makhmudov does not exclude more long months of high activity for bears. Earlier, he predicted the fall of Bitcoin down to $ 1700.

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