Analyst: the Blockchain is committed to protecting the personal data on the Internet

The scandal with the leak of information from the social network Facebook does not subside, and various analysts and security experts are not tired to talk about how to deal with it, simultaneously offering their own methods of solving problems. So, on one of the press conferences at RBC Mitch Stevens told CNBC that he sees in the blockchain the future in terms of personalization and security of data on the Internet.

“In the future you will not need to upload your photos and videos in any social network. Simply share with someone a photo, then you can track its path and to control the circle of persons having access to your information,” clarified his position Stevens.

Right now the blockchain technology is not so developed, but even today there is a special secure services and Dating sites, providing much higher security standards that pales in comparison with Facebook and other giants.

Stevens is convinced that they — the first step to a future where information is transparent and publicly available, but someone else will have complete power over it. Someday a time will come, and will never be distributed just as all this is happening now, in the Internet era. And if Facebook or someone else decides to sell your data to someone else, you will be able to learn about it and at least to affect the deal.

Previously, Facebook started to block all ads associated with ICO, cryptocurrency and bloccano that in light of the performances of Stevens looks pretty ironic.

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