Analysts agree to reduce the Apple to the pace of the production of iPhone X in the third quarter

iPhone X

Released today a new report from the foundation Cowen & Company specialized in market analysis highlights the numbers of units produced of Phone iPhone X. according to this report, the foundation Cowen & Company says that the production of 53 million units of the phone iPhone X in the first quarter of this year, this is in line with the previous estimate of 52.5 million units.

However, the next three months will produce a less amount so that the foundation Cowen & Company to drop units to 9 million units note that the previous estimates of $ 13 to 16 million units. Estimates Foundation J. P. Morgan also attributed to the lower units of the iPhone X of the region in the third quarter of this year. He noted that the figures for the first quarter differ from the numbers J. P. Morgan, which had expected to produce 20 million units, exactly as said the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo earlier.

Analysts predict the advent of at least three iPhones later this year, will come two of these smart phones three with OLED screens in sizes 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch, while coming second phone with LCD screen size of 6 inches. For the phone which are coming with OLED screens, it is expected to be shipped from 100 to 120 million units, while expected to be shipped from 75 to 85 million units.

What about Khalifa phone iPhone SE? Didn’t find the fight any strong evidence of the advent of such a device, but they admit that Apple is working on something of this category.



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