Analysts: Chinese ASIC miner Ether spoil sales of AMD and NVIDIA

No sooner had the Chinese company Bitmain just a couple of weeks ago to introduce a new ASIC miner designed for mining cryptocurrency Monero, as after a few days, with the public announcement of a new device, this time the “ground” under the mining Air. According to the manufacturer, the device will go on sale in the coming months. Against the background of such statements AMD stock immediately fell, and one of the largest private investment firms LLP Susquehanna sharply downgraded the Outlook for the securities of both companies.

“At the close of trading on March 26, shares of AMD fell by 3.8%, and NVIDIA, by contrast, rose by 2%,” writes the website

Despite small gains, analysts believe that the manufacturer of the miners of the Air will significantly replace the position of AMD and NVIDIA in the future. Both companies are in varying degrees dependent on mining Ethereum, due to which the first receive up to twenty percent of their profits, and the second about ten, which is also very good.

The supply of new equipment for cryptocurrency mining compatible with the algorithm Ethash, Bitmain plan to start in the second quarter of 2018, and it is at this period, analysts are predicting the technology companies revenue decline.

But not as bad. Analysts believe that to save the add-in card manufacturers will release a game of the AAA project, requiring computers serious power. Sounds quite convincing, but while on the horizon is quite sparse — so interesting game projects to be released only on PC and requires a radical upgrade of the GPU is not yet in sight.

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