Analysts found out what happened to the first nominanda cryptocurrency Ethereum ETH

Network Ethereum began operating on 30 July 2015. Over the past five years cryptocurrency has found immense popularity among the investors, its value has increased hundreds of times, and ETH quickly took second place on capitalization among all the digital assets industry. However, what happened to the first coin ETH extracted the first miner Aldona? To this question tried to answer the experts of the analytical company Coinfirm.

Note that the Ethereum today feels great. Cryptocurrency is very close to the level of $ 400 and like as not going to stop. Still a niche of decentralized Finance continues to grow, so demand remains strong ETH.

We checked the charts cryptocurrencies. For evidence of the growth of Ethereum show a chart of coins in three months. During this short period, ETH jumped from 201 393 dollar to the current dollar at the time of proofreading of the article. Note that the local maximum at 407 dollar coin set on August.

График курс Эфириума

Rate graph Ethereum three months

That he spent the first esters

The first award in the network cryptocurrency address belongs to 0x05a56e2d52c817161883f50c441c3228cfe54d9f. He got the first 5 ETH for his work on mining coins.

The screenshot below illustrates the page address in the blockchain Explorer Etherscan. According to the service purse received the award for 53 of the extracted block and 18 uncle-blocks.

Эфириум блокчейн альткоин

The address in the blockchain Explorer

Learn more about the different types of blocks in the blockchain Ethereum can be found in this article.

For all the “career miner” the owner of the address received 265.63 ETH as a reward. Analysts found out that those first 5 ETH was sent to wallet cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, reports Cointelegraph. Let us examine more the movement of the first mined coins to the blockchain Ethereum, as shown in the screenshot below.

Эфириум блокчейн альткоин

The flow of funds in the wallets associated with the address

The above address marked in yellow, and wallets that were sent coins from the first block outgoing transactions, marked in red. Among them there are also two other wallet on the network and Ethereum address belonging to the exchange Kraken. Some of the coins from the first unit got to the Kraken in transactions on 625.49 116.15 ETH and ETH.

In addition, the address owner Wei sent 1 to the address 0xc130afe98f8c42e19bdacf8c6e63e48a44a26ca8. Remember, 1 Wei is the smallest indivisible part of coins, Ethereum, named in honor of the pioneer of cryptography Wei Dai.

Since the production of the first block of the Ethereum ecosystem has significantly changed. The reward for the block mined Ether decreased from 5 to 2 ETH. It is a planned change in the network, cryptocurrency, which is one of the many steps to switch to Ethereum 2.0.

Виталик Бутерин

Acne Buterin

After a rapid growth in popularity Aldona and rapid development of ecosystem of Ether was faced with a huge problem — a relatively low-bandwidth and high commissions. The growth of the latter is associated with the rapid development of the sector of decentralized Finance. Unfortunately, the problem can be completely solved only by radical transfer to Ethereum 2.0.

The Ethereum entered the history of kriptonyte as one of the most profitable investment opportunities. During the ICO one coin was worth a little more than 30 cents, however, in early 2018 the cost of airtime has reached a historic high level of $ 1,400.

In addition, the cryptocurrency has become the second most profitable investment of the last decade. The first place belongs to Bitcoin with its 62 500 percent growth, while the Ethereum, the figure is 17 900 percent. Note that the nearest competitor according to analysts Decrypt — Netflix — a much more modest result. We are talking about 4280 percent but it is at least four times less data ETH. Read more about the results of the decade read in this article.

Эфириум альткоин криптовалюта

The price of Ethereum in the last week

We believe that this study is another reminder about the advantages of cryptocurrency. The data in the blockchain the blockchain the top projects opened, respectively, to study the movement of certain coins is easy. But data transparency is markedly different from what the government, banks and other companies. It is likely that this approach will attract new people to the cryptocurrency, which will evaluate the equality of participants in the network and their capabilities.

If you hit the industry recently and missed bullrun Ethereum, do not worry — in our cryptodata you can find more best assets for investment. You can also drop in Yandex Zen for exclusive articles.


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