Analysts: Huawei shipments of phones may go down 25% through 2019

Analysts said the company, Huawei of China, imposed U.S. sanctions strict, could see a decline in shipments by up to a quarter during the current year, has been facing the prospect of the disappearance of its smart phones from international markets.

According to my research, Fubon Research, and Strategy Analytics, the smartphone shipments of Huawei – which is now ranked second in the phone market behind Samsung’s – may fall between 4% and 24% in the year 2019, if continued a ban.

Many experts said they expect lower shipments of Huawei smartphones in the next six months, and after that the Prevention of the US Department of Commerce the Chinese company from buying US goods last week; amid the escalating dispute with China.

The ban applies to goods and services, which contain 25% or more of the technical, or material originating from the United States, which may affect the company non-American. Has announced a technical Major, such as: Google, Qualcomm, bed fees, and”any R M,” ARM, stop supplies and updates for Huawei.

Said Linda Sui – manager strategies smart phones wireless at Strategy Analytics: “you may choose a Huawei smartphone market in western Europe during the next year, if I lost access to Google”. Expects to drop shipments of Huawei phones by 23% again in the next year, but believes that the company can continue its success thanks to the sheer size of the Chinese market.

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Company expects Fubon Research – that had stopped by to report shipments of Huawei phones through 2019 to 258 million – to decrease the number of now to 200 million in the worst case. This; the Huawei nearly 30% of the world market of smart phones, according to market research firm “IDC” IDC, and has shipped during the past year, 208 million telephone, more than half of them outside China.

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