Analysts predicted the failure of the iPhone 11

Yesterday evening Apple sent out invitation to the presentationwithin which the company will show the public the new iPhone. Company’s flagship model will not change so much as we would like, but some technologies – like reverse wireless charging and night mode is definitely of interest. However, this is clearly insufficient to win the market, analysts say, the Japanese financial holding company Nomura. According to them, Apple is waiting for the inevitable failure.

Sales of the iPhone 11 will suffer even more serious?

Pessimistic forecast of analysts

It is difficult with this opinion to disagree. If you believe the insiders, the changes are minimal — better camera, better processor, plus a couple of technologies that have already been competitors. And given the significant drop in sales in 2018 and 2019, Apple just had to be rehabilitated. But such a scenario is apparently too unrealistic for the management of the Corporation — at least this year.

According to experts Nomura, Apple hasn’t revealed something really revolutionary in their iPhone, and are now more likely to play the role of “catching up” than the role of innovator.

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11 why the iPhone will fail

Three cameras? It was still in P20 Huawei Pro. Reverse charging? Galaxy Line S10/S10+. New colors in iPhone 11R? Here you have a huge number of Chinese smartphones with unusual colors. Maybe the iPhone 11 will surprise you with its design? And again, by. Judging by the schematic drawings, the new Apple smartphones will get a huge square platform, which can hardly be called not that beautiful, and even just relevant in such a small package.

Plus, Apple can move the logo frames, centering it. At least, such developments indicate some case manufacturers. On the basis of these rumors were created by the corresponding render. Take a look for yourself.

Possible design of the iPhone 11. Do you like it?

According to analysts Nomura, poor sales of the iPhone 11 will seriously affect the financial performance of Apple. A significant drop in stocks will not take long, experts believe. What do you think? Offer to discuss in our Telegram chat.

However, in 2020 the situation may change dramatically. It was then that Apple can expect to increase sales — because the public will be announced completely new iPhones with screens 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches. The cutout in the display will finally disappear, and the smartphone will get the support of networks of the fifth generation and screens with a frequency of 120 Hz is quite weighty arguments to make your choice in favor of new products.

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