Analysts: smart phones on their way to the home consoles

project xCloud

What is the future of video games? This is the question that preoccupies the players constantly under acceleration awe-inspiring technology and the rapid changes caused by modern technology industry has been well established for generations.

Analysts from Strategy Analytics, the British believe that home consoles are on their way to disappearing within the next few years. In the perspective of Strategy Analytics, smartphones are the future of video games, and thanks to services like the play via the cloud.

Gear specialist not last and the examples that have been hit by that many, such as the end of the music players specialized and NUM for services more modern, and that’s what will be devices specialized in video games based on the analysis, which began in the breasts since the seventies of the last century, because of the cloud services next broadcast games, in the opinion of analysts.

Recall that Microsoft Corporation had announced last week about platform games Cloud new Project xCloud, which will begin in getting the pilot tests in 2019.

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