Analysts Weiss Ratings recognized Bitcoin obsolete. Who will replace bitcoin?

The share of Bitcoin in total market capitalization hasn’t been so high. Now more than 68 percent of all the money industry are in BTC. Isn’t that the best sign that the cryptocurrency is the most revered asset for investors? Weiss Ratings analysts think differently. Experts agencies called Bitcoin “obsolete” from the point of view of technology. According to them, the project is Satoshi Nakamoto will not stand any competition with some Althingi in opposition to innovation.

At the moment Bitcoin is trading at 10 dollars 403. For the past day the value of bitcoin has increased by 2.67 percent. Unfortunately, on the scale of one week, the coin fell 1.7 percent.

Who, if not Bitcoin?

In the newsletter for members of Weiss Ratings, the experts are spreading the video titled “3 cryptocurrency that Bitcoin is better”. The head of the analytical Department of the company Huang Villaverde noted that experts do not consider the Bitcoin best cryptoprocta from the point of view of technical perfection. In this issue, some altcoins do outperform BTC, but that’s not a reason to consider them as a whole is better than Bitcoin.

Each coin is estimated at Weiss Ratings on four components: technology, level of adoption, the risks and potential returns for investors. So, the first coin in the top analysts Fantom. It is based on the algorithm Proof-of-Stake , and applies the consensus Protocol Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT).

Thanks to the innovation of developers bandwidth of the cryptocurrency far better than Bitcoin. In Fantom also has smart contracts, which we wrote about in this article. Villaverde believes that this project is devoid of limitations faced by Bitcoin and the Ethereum.

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However, while the popularity of Fantom does not go to any comparison with the main cryptocurrency. According to experts, the low level of coin acceptance is a threat of a potential hacker attack on its network.

Source: Bitcoinist

The second competitor of Bitcoin — Cardano. ADA was awarded the title of one of the most “difficult” of the block chain among all the projects industry. Development team at Cardano, there are experts with extensive experience: mathematicians, engineers and researchers. Unfortunately, the vast technological potential of cryptocurrencies has not kept its price from the rapid fall in 2018. Now it is trading at 95 percent below its historic highs.

Rate graph Cardano ADA. Source: CoinMarketCap

Information about the third competitor to BTC unable to only paid subscribers to Weiss Ratings. Most likely, enticing headline distribution has become just a means to attract new subscribers than a serious criticism of the Bitcoin. After buying altcoins is still worse than Russian roulette. At least in accordance with these reflections.

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