Ancient civilizations harm nature

We naively believe that harmful anthropogenic human activity originates only with the development of the media industry in the twentieth century. According to a new study conducted by experts of the Institute for the study of human history, max Planck society, people harm nature, from the moment of its birth. Well, it seems that after reading this article, the misanthropes may receive a decent excuse for his behavior.

People harm nature for many thousands of years

Why people harm nature?

Not long ago, the journal Science published a paper showing that the harmful human impact can be observed at the very beginning of our culture. According to the study, covering a time span of 10 thousand years, management of people has never been invisible to the environment. Immediately after a period of hunting and gathering, people began to change the world through the grazing of domestic animals and deforestation for plowing the fields. The pace of such changes can be observed far not everywhere, however, research shows that they took place gradually across the planet.

Despite the low size of its population, people was engaged in very intensive activity in the field of agriculture, which led to the “obsledovaniy” and lack of clean water.

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What damage nature has caused over the last 50 years?
Despite the fact that human activities always somehow affect on the environment over the past 50 years, the level of human influence has grown to incredible heights. So, that is what time it destroyed about 90 % of all stocks of large fish and cut down 70 % of the world’s forests. The remaining 30% are being degraded gradually due to the constant cutting speeds of 80 square kilometers per year.

Coral reefs may disappear by the end of the XXI century

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In addition to the destruction of the lungs of the planet, people are guilty of being on the brink of extinction approximately 18% of the mammals of the Earth. So, in the near future on the planet can die all koalas, which are due to active cutting of eucalyptus are starting to suffer from a lack of suitable resources for power.

Due to active cutting of eucalyptus koalas may be extinct in this century

The declining population of chimpanzees also occurs because of the person. The fact that the natural habitat of these animals is gradually declining due to deforestation in which they live. In addition, young chimpanzees often serve as the subject of illegal trade. Together with them due to deforestation suffer sloths and pandas.

How to save the environment?

Resource savings may be one of the best ways to preserve and restore the environment. Each of us may slightly change your habits, saving energy and volume of the water consumed. Furthermore, humanity is to reduce the use of plastic bags, which are almost not degradable in nature. By following these simple tips each of us can make a personal contribution to saving the planet for themselves and their children.

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