Ancient methods: the 25-ton boulders can be moved by hand

How to build giant structures like Stonehenge or the Moai head on Easter island in the days when cranes and trucks did not exist? Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology firmly believe that ancient engineers were masters of balance and leverage, therefore, conducted an experiment, which was made of giant concrete structure weighing about 25 tons. The meaning of the idea that these boulders can be moved by hand.

How to build pyramids, Stonehenge and the statues of Easter island?

Matter Design company in partnership with CEMEX designed a series of monolithic concrete structures of large size which could be collected as giant building blocks in a larger, functional structure. Despite the fact that the concrete blocks weigh many tons and have sufficient strength to survive hundreds of years, their unique shapes makes it relatively easy to move them even by one person.

The design of such blocks there are several approaches. Massive stone blocks — ICD, if short — made from concrete of different densities that allows you to precisely control where the end of the center of gravity of the object, adding stability and balance. Although each giant unit looks like a random bit, it is strategically located bevels, rounded edges, a pivot point, the handle and the locking elements. The resulting design is still too heavy for lifting a person, but they can shake, rotate, tilt, push, guide, and even roll from one place to another with amazing ease and accuracy.

So the idea that the 82-ton Moai statue rocked and shifted through Easter island to their final location, it is currently plausible. But this experiment merely confirms this hypothesis. Given the advances in 3D printing, especially in large scale, this approach can be used for the design and construction of permanent, durable structures in areas where a truck or tower crane is impossible or too costly to use. In places where flooding is a threat or the water level is already rising, local residents could easily build a concrete wall. One day you could even build your new home, as from a giant set of concrete Lego blocks.

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