And 5G 10x zoom without loss of quality already there

Technology invariably follow the path of constant development. At first we were happy and surprised that the phone actually has a camera, and data is transmitted at “fantastic” speeds 3G. Then we got two of the camera module and LTE, but this is not the limit…. This year the real trend will become generation networks 5G and further improve the quality of the images. The third call was made at the OPPO event in the framework of the MWC, which we visited.

February 23, 2019, the company OPPO, one of the five largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, spoke about how innovation will be incorporated in the model 2019.

Communication is paramount

Without a doubt, the future of the smartphone industry are the networks of the fifth generation. This communication standard allows for endless possibilities for work, rest and closer network of interaction, including video chat in high definition and the Internet of things.

The event showed that the era of 5G is getting closer. OPPO has announced the release of its first 5G smartphone and told about the beginning of the network deployment of the fifth generation in the framework of the project “OPPO 5G Landing Project”.

The aim of the project is the development of 5G networks in conjunction with such operators as: Swisscom, Telstra and Optus. Such a project is without a doubt capable of much better reveal the possibilities of communication between people and exchange of information.

The event demonstrated some apps that will be available to owners of 5G smartphones. It was about calls with the use of holographic images, and apps for shopping using augmented reality.

Just imagine viewing 4K or even 8K video, 3D video calling, demanding games through the cloud, instant download huge amounts of data… And all of this anywhere in the world without the need for the search of stationary wireless networks.

Also, in our days, when all other technology is ready to leap into the Internet side of things, the development of fifth generation networks will have to provide the push in the right direction.

“Given the OPPO leadership in the era of 4G, they have the potential to become a leader in the transition to 5G. We see tremendous opportunities to promote further innovation in the era of 5G, and Qualcomm Technologies looks forward to working closely with LG to realize the true potential of 5G and support the launch of their first smartphone 5G on the basis of our flagship mobile platform Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 855 modem 5G X50” said Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm Incorporated.

The company OPPO has begun preparations for a transition to networks of the fifth generation in 2015, is constantly putting energy and resources into the development of this technology. Now it is beginning to bear fruit, and is able to turn the attitude of users to wireless networks.

Focus on zoom

Also at the event were shown a revolutionary camera that allows without loss of quality to use a tenfold zoom.

The equivalent focal length of the camera is 16-160 mm. This means that it is able to do wide angle shots, and much enlarged.

It became possible thanks to the unique design of the triple cell in which the main lens is complemented by an ultra-wide angle and telephoto. For compensation shaking hands meets system optical image stabilization for primary and telephoto.

During the event, the screen showed examples of enlarged images, and after the event, journalists were able to gather in a special photo zones, in order to see how this feature works.

So powerful the optical zoom is made possible through the use of a third camera module special periscope arrangement of optical elements.

What is the result?

More than a decade ago, the company OPPO has released its first smartphone, and since then never ceases to surprise, causing customers and competitors to reflect on what innovations it introduces in its devices. At the same time, the company continues to open new research centers in different countries and to enter new markets, conquering them with their decisions.

We continue to monitor the development of technologies and hope that in the near future will be able to try all the innovation in real life.

Will discuss the prospects of development of networks of the fifth generation now in our special Telegram chat.

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