And finally: youtube dark became available for Android

Announced Google they will add the option to change the appearance of the YouTube app for both Android and iOS several months ago, to appear on the iPhone first, and late, finally to Android phones.

Where he began to users of the website Reddit yesterday to report about the arrival of the dark appearance of the automatically to the YouTube application on their phones to be activated automatically with the appearance of the pop-up window telling them where the cancellation dark pattern in order to return to the normal position whenever they want.

Based on the number of users who received this update, this is the formal launch for the new property, which means that all carriers of Android phones will receive the update within the coming days or weeks.

YouTube Dark Mode Android

When you access the property to your phone, you’ll find that it has activated automatically, and can access to the Button control by clicking on your avatar in the top right of the screen, and then go on to Settings and choose the section General settings to make after a “pattern born can” with the button can be pulled next to him to activate or cancel.

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