And plus you know the model of phone supports the 5G technology in the conference #MWC2019

The company submitted OnePlus display model phone supports the networks of the fifth generation during the phone world, held in Barcelona today, where the phone comes with Snapdragon processor 855, with a modem chip Snapdragon X50 5G.

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Still version of OnePlus revealed the day of the phones and 5G in the early stages, however, the company made a SEE ALSO phones possible with the support of networks of the fifth generation Conference Phone World launched today from Barcelona.

Comes phone OnePlus 5G, with the chip Snapdragon processor 855, as confirmed by OnePlus that the phone supports the latest version of the platform Snapdragon 8, the phone also comes with a microchip modem Snapdragon X50 5G also, with the technology of Qualcomm RF.

As indicated by OnePlus that the technology Qualcomm with technology I Plus meet in this phone support Games Experience Cloud via the networks of the fifth generation featured a top speed of a width of well-proportioned, fun frames, where players can get experience in games large size which need higher capacity in the phone competition on the internet.


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