And suddenly: there’s a version of 5G of dead 20X – know them

Told Huawei that it will launch a copy 5G of her phone dead, 20 X later this year, but according to the recent volatility, it will get many changes to accommodate its components additional.

Says that the phone will retain the company for 7.2-inch, but it will get the card is much smaller with a capacity of 4,200 mAh vs 5,000 mAh used in the standard version, it will also support charging technology superhero at 40 watt.

Not long to find out these changes, even featured a picture of the fund of the phone on Twitter, and re-publish image on the web site of China’s social, stresses the fund also mentioned the support network 5G.

It is scheduled to be thrown Huawei Mate X 5G rollaway sometime in the second half of the year, so expect the appearance of the dead, 20 X 5G during the launch of the dead X, and should not be confused dead X and 20 X, which is the largest series phones dead which were announced along with the dead 20 dead 20 Pro.

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