Android 10 in its beta version will be released to phones Galaxy S9 and Nokia 9 soon

Enabled Google Android 10 officially at the beginning of the month last September, and since then, companies are racing in to make it available for her phones and Samsung did not lag behind on this race, this enabled the beta version of the Android 10 phones Galaxy S10 noted 10 earlier, and today came the role of the Galaxy S9 and Nokia 9.. Samsung phones leading to 2018.Android 10 for Galaxy S9Samsung confirmed today that it will launch a Android 10 case S9 and S9+ soon to meet the wishes of the users as Samsung for for versions trial it will begin to be available in South Korea first, and then begin to ask Global, it is not limited to the Galaxy S9 here but will come update Android 10 demo also notes 9.

Android 10 case S9 noted 9 with the interface, One UI 2.0

More what separates Samsung phones from others in the university time is the interface OneUI which is really excellent in terms of performance and nurses, therefore, one of the most important features of update Android 10 case S9 as well as Note 9 is that it carries with it a new version of this beloved as well as the broad spectrum of possible exclusive to Android 10.

We can’t wait until the new update for Galaxy S9 and Nokia 9 although it is still experimental but it will be the experience of the integrated use of the new version of Android! What do you think? Did you have your phone to Note 9 or Galaxy S9’s? We participated in the comments..

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