Android 9 Pie limit the work of the important features of the Samsung smartphones

Samsung intends to limit the period of free use the interface in its smartphones with the release of Android 9 Pie. Reported by 9To5Google with reference to a warning which the manufacturer sends to owners of devices using the app Samsung Themes. This restriction will de-activate the installed theme after 14 days, returning interface of compatible devices in the original condition for him.

“Free themes can be used for fourteen days from the time of application, returning to the classic theme TouchWiz on the expiration of the period of use stated in the warning. — Before I installed the default theme, we will send you two notices in advance will help to change the theme on your own.”

Why are disabled themes on Samsung smartphones

The first notification about deactivating themes catalog Samsung Themes will be sent the day before the expiration of the free period of use and the second 10 minutes. Thus, the return to the original theme will be for the user a shock, causing a false sense of involuntary change settings. However, to deal with those owners of compatible devices will not until next year, when will be the release of the Android Pie 9 for Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Despite the fact that Samsung did not disclose the reasons why it intends to start to limit the period of use of the 14 days, they lie on the surface. This is probably due to the fact that by installing a new theme once users continue to use it indefinitely. Introducing a mechanism that will automatically disable third-party theme, the producer wants to provoke people to search for new. This, in turn, will allow you to avoid stagnation in Samsung store Themes, having a positive impact on the dynamics of systems.

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