Android and 9 inventions changed the familiar world

There are things in the world, which at some point begin to seem eternal. Since their invention is just a few years, but we are so accustomed to them that without them it just anywhere. One of these things for us was the smartphone, and the other instant messengers, now completely wireless headphones. But all that someone once invented and at that time he even couldn’t believe that all this is so fly. Let’s remember some of the most important things that changed our entire life and even habits. Now we just can’t do without them, but this is only fun when watching how manufacturers are trying to offer something new in this direction and to pull the blanket.

To underestimate the contribution of Android to the cause of changing the world is impossible.

What inventions change our lives

Man is a creature who needs to move too much (literally and figuratively), but to get as much buzz. Actually this is the key to success for any invention.

Recently we were offered a lot of things that can make our lives easier, but to make it more enjoyable and understandable. Some smartphones are worth, which now make for us a huge part of the job. They really changed our lives, but what else contributed?

The first smartphone

Not to the table will be mentioned, but the first smartphone in the modern sense of the word was the first-generation iPhone. He made everyone say something like ”what, you?”.

In 2007 it was a device beyond comprehension.

Manufacturers have begun to rivet their ”iPhone killers”, but has not yet been killed, although it’s been 13 years. It is more correct to say that there were two camps. Some are loyal to Apple and other Android. The transition from one camp to another in absolute terms is not common and mostly moving in the direction of the iPhone.

The Emergence Of Android

Of course, from the point of view of smart phones in General, Apple does not take away its merits, but if we talk about the operating system, then well done already, the guys from Google. They were able to create an open operating system that runs on nearly everything. This feature made the smartphone a mass market.

Now Android is very popular, but it was not immediately.

Even the most simple manufacturers started to rivet their devices, often from standard parts and made it so that now the smartphone can be purchased even for 1,000 rubles. The way it will be very weak and I think for the money it is easier to use a good push-button dialer, but it is a possibility.

Since the release of the first Android-smartphone HTC Dream, much time has passed, but the rivalry of iOS and Android gives us, every year something new and interesting.

The Invention Of Wi-Fi

Thanks to this technology and the fact that it is very cheap and almost everywhere, we have forgotten about what wires. Sat down at the table, and your computer, laptop, tablet, phone and even a watch and a smart column in the network. Isn’t this freedom?

Imagine your life without Wi-Fi now?

In 1997, this type of link has just appeared and worked, to put it mildly, so-so by today’s standards. Despite that, people were just in awe that it was possible not to connect the wire to the computer, but he still worked on the Network.

Why the phone doesn't catches Wi-Fi and how to change it

Over time, the rate only grew and now it has reached such values that for 99% of users this is more than enough. Even professionals who work with large volumes of information, often cost just a wireless network.

The Internet of things

Wi-Fi not only allowed us to check email or browse the Twitter feed, but also gave a lot of consumer devices that connect to and exchange information without human intervention, creating a system called Internet of things. The term was coined in 1999, but the idea was not popular among consumers until the last decade.

The Internet of things will be everywhere.

Today, worldwide, there are tens of billions of Internet-connected devices that allow us to perform tasks a smart home such as lights, security and alerts a completely different kind. This technology is used including in health care, management of municipal services and in other places.

Only proves the popularity of the Internet of things, the fact that this market is growing almost multiples of each year. Now it is about $ 250 billion. This is three times more than three years ago, but about seven times less than expected in five years.

Streaming services

Due to the fact that we have YouTube, Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify and other channels of obtaining content, our life has become much easier. Now you don’t have to carry DVDs and moreover videos. Simply login from your device and you can watch anything anywhere in the world.

Which do you choose? Can share in our Telegram chat.

All this led to the creation of new types of business and people who produce the content got easy way to its spread. Those who have time to navigate and was able to create billions of dollars of business Empire often simply out of nothing.

Google has added to YouTube as a convenient rewind

Particularly relevant are the services rendered during the period of the pandemic, when people around the world has a lot of free time.

Video conferencing

The popularity of video conferencing is always gradually growing, but now she is experiencing a burst of popularity. Now this technology is indispensable, and such market players as Zoom and Skype, just don’t know how to contain the influx of users so as not to bring down your servers.

Many to communicate so much nicer.

One thing is for sure. People are too tasted this technology and will soon simply not be able to communicate without it. Now much easier to make a video call than on a normal phone

3D printers

3D printing is one of those technologies that are becoming closer to normal use. Now this is not just a toy for geeks and a tool for solving everyday tasks. Fiction talked about this for years, but now it’s time technicians who implemented the idea.

On a 3D printer, you can print almost everything.

3D printers are used to create materials for anything. Even manufacturers like Adidas and Porsche are using these technologies. Some are calling 3D printing the fourth industrial revolution. According to consulting company Deloitte, the costs of using the technology is growing at about 13% annually among major U.S. companies and are likely to reach $ 2 billion this year.

Social network

The online world was a very different place twenty years ago. Social networks were not such as now, and despite the popularity, could not boast of those indicators that we have at the moment.

Why people simply can't ignore TikTok

In 2004, mark Zuckerberg changed everything when he launched the social networking site for College students called Facebook. The service was opened to the public in 2006 and quickly left such dinosaurs as Friendster and MySpace far behind.

Sometimes it seems that social networking is already too much.

Today, social networks are not just popular place of communication between people. They are used for absolutely everything, including for business. For example, in our IT sector, almost all contacts go through Facebook. It is not surprising that last year its income from advertising amounted to $ 32 billion, and the audience reached 2.37 billion users — nearly a third of the world’s population.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence previously limited to science fiction. But in recent decades it broke into the real world, becoming one of the most important technologies of our time. AI helps to solve critical issues in transportation, retail, healthcare and other industries. On the Internet it is used for everything from speech recognition to spam filtering.

AI will soon be everywhere.

But there is also the fear that in the future it threatens the creation of Autonomous weapons, including unmanned aerial vehicles, missile defense systems, and sentinel robots. Industry leaders are called upon to regulate technology, to prevent potential damage from tools such as deepfakes, which are the fraud and videos blur the line between the real man and his duplicate can say anything you want.

Voice assistants

For many consumers the heart of the smart home is a voice assistant, such as Alice, Google now or Siri. They can manage a smart home and through the speakers to announce important information and to play music. Of course, there has not been without AI.

To talk with someone who really, has become the norm.

Google now for Android has received support quick commands. How to set

In 2019 the world was more a 3.25 billion devices with a voice assistant, and it is expected that by 2023 that number will more than double to 8 billion. But they also pose a problem with privacy. In fact it is Internet-connected microphones, can connect to anyone. Even the companies themselves can just listen to you to improve the quality of services.

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