Android applications consume tens of gigabytes of traffic, working in the background

The struggle that Google is malicious applications for Android, though, and gives off still is extremely sluggish. Though, because not a month goes by that the experts in the field of information security was not informed about the distribution of another Trojan that, once on the device of his victim, began to lead completely independent from its desire activities to collect your confidential information. Which often results in significant costs to the injured party.

According to experts from Oracle, the users of Android malware threatens DrainerBot component, which is distributed through the popular apps: Perfect365, VertexClub, Draw Clash of Clans, Touch ā€˜nā€™ Beat ā€“ Cinema and Solitaire: 4 Seasons (Full). Getting on the device, they initiate a background display advertisements for which the creators get the money. All anything, but in the process of display advertising affects two parties: the advertiser and the user of the infected device.

Dangerous Android apps

The advertiser suffers because really it is no one is looking and the money for screening scammers get. Given that the application through which extends malware component has been installed on millions of devices, we can talk about hundreds of thousands of dollars of illegal earnings.

Damage that causes the bot to ordinary users, to some it may seem even more tangible than the cost of advertisers. Due to the fact that the implementation of the fraudulent scheme requires that the device have access to the Internet, duplicate advertising leads to the exhaustion of available users traffic. And since it often happens that operators offer to automatically add additional megabytes or gigabytes for a fee, users incur significant losses.

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