Android apps famous recording anything you do to your device

Uncover new research from the Institute of Computer Science International in California about the discovery is worrisome, it is clear that about 17,000 of Android apps you didn’t write just to track your activity on the long term, even in cases in which the users that they don’t want it, but it is also working to create a permanent record and track everything you do on your device.

Most of these cases constitute a violation of the policies of Google regarding the collection of data that can be used to target ads to users, where the application is associating the definition information users ‘computers with information the advertising ID is a unique number that is used to customize ads for each user, so that it is linked to users’ computers ads fit the activities and the intents of its users.

The researchers said they participated this with Google 5 months ago, didn’t you say Google though. In the meantime, it seems that the more apps violate privacy policies, and the problem is that Google provide users with controls to privacy, but does not include restricted identifiers of the ads.

There are some popular apps that engage in this practice such as the application of Amazon for audio books, the application Flipboar, and apps such as Battery Doctor and Clean Master in addition to the game Angry Birds, which if we collect, we will find it her on millions of devices.

Source: CNET

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