Android apps for the router in the House

We all have routers we get through them on the internet which are broadcast Wi-Fi to the rest of the other devices in the home. Given the importance of this device must be controlled entirely and even give anyone else don’t want to use our web. And that’s why offer you Android apps to your router at home.

The online world these days is still characterized more and more, as well as the penetration of devices has become in the case of offering unparalleled due to the development of tools to hack, as the internet is subject to be hacked here, and even penetrate the router. And if someone in the link to the router he would be able to pull the speed of the internet and even tapping on the devices.

But there are Android apps make this, and allow you to control the router settings the Router as well as disconnect from some people spam in a wireless network, and a lot of other things just by using your phone.

The most notable Android apps to router at home

Due to the seriousness of this topic and the importance Brocker wireless network Wi-Fi must be controlled permanently and to stay away from people who try to access to the network and where.

  • Application Wifi Router Master

WiFi Router Master

Application depends Wifi Router Master one of the most popular applications that enable users and owners of networks of control in their networks fully. Where you can through this application to control the settings of the main router through the reset, as well as change the name of this app the network and other settings with ease through the use of smart phone only.

In addition to the settings of the previous and you can see all the devices connected to the network by showing the IP of each device connected to the network, as you can separate the internet from people who don’t want to be the police, as well as will give you the app you the full analysis of the company from the speed of the internet as well as ping your Network.

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  • Application TP-Link tether

A very large number of the owners of the networks have router-type TP-Link is one of the most famous narrator in the world which is characterized by its high quality and strong trend in it. Besides there is an application called TP-Link tether is one of the best Android apps that gives users easy control of all devices and the router of the company TP-Link, all from the phone only.

This app features with its easy to use that anyone can once you install it in the phone first in a round to use that you think are the most memorable for the owners of the router show link. You can find out all the network information through the interface of the main application but and in of like to keep their contacts in the network or not.

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  • The application of DS to the Router

DS router

Considers the application of the DS Router is also one of the apps that are no less valuable than previous applications in the control of a company at full settings with ease. Where you can as soon as you contact the company to find out all the network data and not just your network that you have and even any network you are authorized your app to do. Where this application is designed to be similar to the person who appears to you when you online provider main.

As the application provides very characteristic is the protection of children from access to unwanted sites and protect them, it also allows you with online Net Cut for users connected to the network and a lot of the Settings other that you will find it convenient to use the personal you.

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  • The application Fing


This app is not for the police fully as you would expect, such as previous applications, but it enjoys several advantages that qualify it to be an Android application that allows to control the connected persons in the network and know everything about them. Where this app displays a lot of information about the people who are with you on the same network from the IP address and MAC address, and even the proportion of consumption in the online time of the connection in the network and a lot of other information.

You can also separate the internet from these people and eventhe internet speed they have, and even knowing the network speed and the size of consumption that is on the network by users. You can download the app through the Google Play Store is available for free but has ads in it.

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  • Application Network scanner

تطبيق Network Scanner

Holds the name of the application Network scanner function process and the work of analysis of the company fully and get all the information callers to the network, it is similar significantly for the former, namely the application of Fing. After you download the app and install it you can start doing analysis for the whole network and all the information is fast and delicate at the same time.

Application helps Network scanner users to know the weaknesses in the Soul Master Router as well as your help to solve those problems and tell her. As it can warn you of low internet speed for a reasonable limit and some technical things that are available in all the narrator changes. Possible in the app that doesn’t need you any powers of routine to use and you can enjoy all the advantages with ease.

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