Android apps that make you smarter

In the vast Google Play has plenty of applications for the development of your intelligence, attention, memory, and so on. In this case, not limited to simple equipment for the addition of numbers or memorizing cards. Among them, there are lots of fun games. It is about them we would you wanted to tell. In order to enable you to combine business with pleasure.

As the name suggests, the app contains 100 games for training logic. It’s like a variety of casual games and puzzles, mathematical and logical puzzles. Bored you just do not have.

Lumosity is probably one of the most popular smart games on the mobile market today. Lumosity has been held for a short levels, which help develop memory, improve cognitive function and decision-making skills. Some games are set free, but to unlock the other will have to pay.

It is, in fact, a collection of puzzles. At first pass the levels easily. But the higher level you reach, the harder you will crack the puzzle. The advantages are also very nice looking graphics.

Another game app for exercising your brain. Algorithms app was developed by neuroscientists from Cambridge and new York universities. Exercises for brain training will increase the complexity and will allow you to improve short-term memory, cognitive skills, coordination and concentration.

Clockwork Brain Training has a very nice user interface. And the puzzles themselves, though, and are complex, but solved quickly. So this is the perfect app to train your brain while you’re standing in traffic or eat in the subway.

Еlevate is something of a competitor to the already mentioned Lumosity. The application has a similar set of tasks for development of cognitive functions, memory, perception, memory training and so on. Well, simplicity of management will allow you to grasp the game process and start to become smarter.

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