Android news #168: Another update Google Play, OPPO Find X and much more

We present to your attention the 168th edition of our weekly project “Android news”! Today we talk about another Obnovlenie in Google Play, ANDROID iPhone case and many other. Below, with the same news you can find in a traditional text format.

Google Play gets a new subscription center. What has changed?

Google thoroughly took the app for Android devices. The company decided to increase the reliability of programs from untrusted sources. This will help metadata security, which will allow you to update installed offline apps. Now the company worked over the center of subscriptions in Google Play.

New menu subscriptions introduced at Google I/O in 2018, according to 9to5google. His task is to simplify the management of payment applications and services. The redesign will make it easy to control write-offs and to see how many days will occur following the payment.

That was the menu before the upgrade.

The way it looks now.

If you cancel the subscription, Google will want to know why. Possible options: best application, technical problems, lack of need for service, problems with payment and others. Developers will see the answers and certainly will respond to them.

In addition, Google Play will offer the best services when meeting with the subscriptions.

Update subscription center — not the first improvement of the app store. Recall, last week Google Play has learned to partially compensate for the purchase.

Flagship smartphone Huawei will be without Android Oreo

Huawei can freeze the release of the Android Oreo for Huawei P9. It is reported by phoneArena , citing a letter from the service representatives of the company. According to the content of the message, the decision is not temporary, indicating complete cancellation of the renewal project.

According to the company, which refers to phoneArena, the cancellation of the release due to the inability of the hardware Huawei P9 to ensure the stable operation of the operating system. Test samples installed with Android Oreo, were distinguished by friezes and General slowness of the OS, says Huawei.

The statement about the incompatibility of the hardware with Android Huawei P9 Oreo can be a shock for owners of the smartphone, which the service life expected for at least another significant update. If the information will receive an official confirmation, we can expect widespread discontent and appeals to court.


Interestingly, earlier this year, Huawei has released a beta version of Android for Huawei Oreo P9. And even though the updated OS on the capacity of the smartphone cannot be called perfect, all the process was done well enough, and various podragivanija interface blamed on “wet” update.

Advertised retail price breakthrough Oppo Find X

The flagship of the record-breaking Oppo Find X, whose release took place June 19, will go on sale internationally this summer at a price of 999 euros for the version in the base configuration. The representatives of the manufacturer said today on the sidelines of the events dedicated to the presentation of the news.

Given the abundance of innovations and the almost complete absence of competitors, the price of Oppo Find X does not seem to be too much. For example, Find X is the only smartphone with the ratio of the area of the display to the front panel 93%. The previous record holder Vivo Nex — could boast of a figure, only slightly more than 91%.

In addition to the basic version of the Oppo Find X, which provides for 256 GB and 8 GB of RAM, in sale model Lamborghini Edition at a price of 1699 Euro. “Race” version will not only have a recognizable design, but increased to 512 GB built-in storage and technology support the Super Vooc, which allows you to charge a smartphone to 100% in just 35 minutes.

Oppo Find X is equipped with a processor OCTA-core Snapdragon 845, the display made in AMOLED technology and a hardware-software complex of recognition. This identification method provides a much greater level of security than solutions based on smart algorithms and artificial intelligence.

IPhone happy iOS. However, there are moments when at work or any other things they may need to use an Android device. To carry two phones with them — it is quite unpleasant, so in this case, the ideal solution would be to cover Smartcase Eye.

This case is a Android smartphone running Android 8.1 Oreo. Working case on the basis of MT6739V MediaTek processor, has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash memory with support for microSD cards up to 256 GB. There is a battery on 2800 mAh battery with wireless charging and a 5-inch HD display.

The company offers two versions, one of which supports two SIM cards, and the second is only Wi-Fi. The peculiarity of the case are a function of Always On Display, IR port, 3.5-mm connector for headphones and the ability to project the image from the main camera iPhone screen cover.

The case will be available to owners of iPhone X, iPhone 8, 7, 6s, 6, 8 Plus 7 Plus 6 Plus and 6 Plus. To buy a case right now on Indiegogo at a price of $ 135.

Eye Smartcase is really unusual, we will monitor the development of the project.

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