Android news #177: new restrictions for Huawei and Nokia the desire to hide “Bang”

Presenting your attention the 177th issue of our weekly project “Android news”! Today we tell about new details of the exterior of the V40 LG ThinQ, a strange desire Nokia not advertise “bangs” in the new smartphone, and much more. Below, with the same news you can find in a traditional text format.

O LG ThinQ V40 became known a bit more

On the new rendering V40 LG ThinQ shows not only the features cameras one of the most impressive upcoming flagship in 2018, but probable date when the novelty will be presented to the public.


In the Network appeared new renders for the upcoming release of the flagship LG ThinQ V40 discussed on pages Ben Sunam (Ben Schoon)

LG V40 ThinQ?

These images are “confirmed” previously appeared messages on the smartphone. As reported online in June of this year, ThinQ V40 will be equipped with a triple camera which will be located on the rear panel of the device. There are led flash and a fingerprint scanner. Also includes dual selfie camera.

The display occupies most of the surface of the front panel. According to the report, which appeared in July, the ratio of the screen to the surface of the device will be approximately 90%. The frame is noticeably thinner than the LG V30 and V35, and of a kind which differs G7 ThinQ.

There is a display recess, which the renderer is hidden using the software, so it doesn’t what is the thickness of the upper frame, nor how big the display cutout.

LG V40 ThinQ?

In a new message also indicates the expected date of announcement is considered a smart phone. It can represent 16 November 2018. However, this assumption is based only on the date that is displayed on the screen displayed by the renderer device.

Huawei started to ban to take the 5G networks

Major Chinese manufacturers of network equipment and other equipment are not allowed to develop in the international market, fearing for their own safety.

We are talking about Huawei and ZTE. Australia has banned these companies to provide the country with equipment for the development of 5G networks, which is scheduled to start in 2019.

On Twitter, the Australian unit of Huawei said the following:

We have been informed by the government (Australian) that provision of 5G-technology from Huawei and ZTE were blocked. This is an extremely disappointing outcome for consumers. Huawei is a global leader in 5G. Safely provided wireless technologies Australia for 15 years.

The concern of the Australian government understood against the background of the new law in China that all Chinese organizations and citizens are obliged to provide necessary information to national intelligence agencies on request.

Probably for the same reason the US government banned the use of any equipment Huawei and ZTE in public institutions.

The problem is also technical. If you believe the government of Australia, 5G networks from a technical point of view different from the current ones and create new risks and a threat to national security. The new architecture allows to bypass current solutions for security. The government has so far failed to find technical means to reduce the risk in 5G networks.

On materials of techcrunch

Motorola has patented a very unusual device

Remember the famous phones from Motorola, which was a true legend of his time and was called the RAZR? Now, the company has patented the concept of a device, which can be a flexible analogue of that phone. Looks like someone decided to get ahead of Samsung and Huawei in the fight for the release of the first foldable smartphone.

The device really resembles the RAZR line. Line RAZR at that time really was one of the best. The phone company was very stylish and felt like an iPhone by today’s standards.

Of course, not the fact that the new flexible smartphone Motorola will be a continuation of the RAZR line, but this is the most likely outcome.

While flexible smartphones are not quite flexible. You may notice that the housing consists of two parts, by analogy with the laptops. Current flexible smartphone will be available soon due to technical limitations.

You can also notice that the screen is not fully bent, it will lead to revealing the smartphone, the Central part of the display will be in a recess.

Of course, while this is only a patent, and the final version may be quite different, but the fact that the patent exists, suggests that it’s a start.

According to the materials SlashGear

Nokia is ashamed of the “bangs” in their smartphones

Nokia recently presented the Nokia 5.1 Plus, suddenly decided to radically change the strategy of its promotion in European countries. To do this, the Finnish manufacturer has slipped a notch in the top of the screen, obviously deciding that thus the novelty will be able to attract much more attention.

Compare how the same poster Nokia 5.1. Plus, presented in the beginning of the week, presented to customers in Germany and Russia. I personally divergence in the concept of progress is evident immediately. And you?



For some unknown reason marketers Nokia felt that to hide the notch will be the best solution to attract consumers. What yesterday was presented as the greatest achievement in the field of design, today mercilessly painted in an attempt to give the appearance of a smartphone lost in trying to copy the iPhone symmetry.

It is noteworthy that Russia was the only European country where Nokia needs to come Plus 5.1, where the neckline is somehow not blacked out. Perhaps domestic office Nokia felt that characteristic “Bang” adds the novelty of similarities with iPhone X to buy which, as shown, can not afford every Russian.

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