Android news #180: large new from Huawei and update games smartphone

We present to your attention the 180th edition of our weekly project “news Android“! Today we will talk about another danger for owners of Android smartphones, the second generation Razer Phone, and much more. Below, with the same news you can find in a traditional text format.

Big new from Huawei

The second leader of the global smartphone market, Huawei, is going to please the audience with a huge smart phone with a long battery life and great design. Its specifications online.

Chinese regulator TENAA certified two models of Huawei phone — ARS-TL00 (white) and ARS-AL00 (black). The difference is in the colors of the device. The novelty will be similar Honor 8X Max on a number of characteristics, including 7,12-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2244 pixels. The difference, says Alan Friedman (Alan Friedman) on the resource page phonearena.comin the hardware features of the upcoming smart phone.

Huawei готовит новинку. Экран и батарея - гигантские, задняя панель - кожаная

One of the recently presented novelties-giants — Honor 8X Max — basic configuration based on the mobile platform Snapdragon 636, the clock frequency of the CPU which is 1.8 GHz. Chipset the company the device is characterized by the processor from 1.95-gigagertsevogo clock frequency.

Huawei will equip the new phone with a high capacity battery of 4900 mAh. A photo of the rear panel of ARS-TL00 suggests that it will be covered with leather. Visible seam. The device will complement the camera with two vertically spaced sensors (16-megapixel and 2-megapixel). In addition, the rear panel is equipped with a fingerprint scanner. On the front — 8-megapixel selfie camera.

The models ARS-TL00 and ARS-AL00 has 4 gigabytes of RAM and an onboard storage — 64 or 128 GB. Preinstalled on the smartphone operating system will be Android version 8.1 Oreo. If you look closely to the image of the front panel, we can see that the display recess in the trending style of “drop”.

Another viral danger

Experts “Kaspersky Lab” revealed large-scale campaign aimed at infecting devices running Android banking Trojan Asacub. The day of the attack are subject to 40 thousand users, most trusting and curious of whom become victims of malware.

Method of distribution of the Trojan is as old as the world. It all starts with the fact that the potential victim receives an SMS message with a reference by name and one of the options that have probably seen almost every:

— [Your name], look the photo and the link: (link)
— [Your name], you got an MMS message from Vasya: (link)
— [Your name], interested in exchange on Craigslist? (link)
— [Your name], and you’re not ashamed?! (link)

As a rule, the names of potential victims, the malware finds out from the address books of already infected devices. If the user has an active ad on “Craigslist” or, for example, admits that he can send a photo, there is a chance that he will click on the link and installs a Trojan itself.

Getting on the device of a new victim, Asacub appoints himself the application for processing the SMS by default, to give the opportunity to receive, read and send messages, and to make, accept and reject calls and control others. Such rights would enable him to transfer the money USSD-commands to block the opening of the banking apps that the user doesn’t suspect anything.

Fortunately, to protect yourself from a Trojan is not so difficult. Even if you moved the link from the SMS, you need to manually initiate the download of malicious component, and then to approve the requested resolution. And since at each stage (for example, when you change the application to handle SMS) Android will send a warning alert, it is very hard to give Asacub to take over your device.

Will there be a new Apple A12 Bionic performance Snapdragon 855?

In the Network appeared the results of the iPhone XS in the test AnTuTu, many believe that the company released CPU A12 Bionic, which won’t be able to catch up with the new Android flagships, but it’s not. Results iPhone XS, which is equipped with a processor Apple A12 Bionic, is achievable.

In AnTuTu the iPhone XS is gaining 363525 points. iPhone X is currently gaining about 230 thousand points, and the most productive smartphone on the market to XS Xiaomi Black Shark with a score of 287 thousand points.

To estimate what performance will receive a 7-nm Snapdragon 855, just look at the results of the smartphone Huawei Mate 20, which will be equipped with CPU Kirin 980:

356 thousand points — impressive. Yes, the iPhone XS ahead Mate 20, but the first smartphone based on Snapdragon 845 — Galaxy S9 — gains in AnTuTu 260 thousand points. During the year manufacturers were able to improve the results of 27 thousand points (Black Shark on Snapdragon gaining 845 287 thousand points), so within 2 months after the release of the first Android-smartphone on Snapdragon 855 companies will be able to outpace the iPhone XS in the benchmark, if we assume that the performance of the Snapdragon 855 will be identical to the performance of the processor Kirin.

Thus, to speak of any technical superiority of the iPhone is not worth it. The same applies to the camera, in my opinion, DxO will put XS on the same level as P20 Pro, so have the Huawei in stock for a year to release a new generation with an even better camera.

The continuation of the line of gaming smartphones

Razer, a manufacturer of laptops, keyboards and other equipment for professional gamers, is going to release the second generation of its gaming smartphone. Judging by sent out invitations, presentation Razer Phone 2 will be held on October 10.

It is expected that the company will correct weaknesses found in the first generation Razer Phone. The most notable of them are considered low quality camera and display, which is impossible to see anything in the sun.

The rest of Razer Phone was very good. He was fitted with a 5.7-inch display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, 845 Snapdragon processor, memory of 512 GB and battery on 4000 mAh. It is important to clear the warehouse, so the price is the first Razer Phone dropped from 699 to $ 300.

Early October promises to be rich in announcements of smartphones. For example, 3 numbers LG plans to introduce the V40 ThinQ with a triple camera. Further, on 9 October, Google needs to announce the third generation of smartphones Pixel. Finally, on October 11 Samsung will show a smartphone with a fourfold main camera.

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